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A technology package is a guide of steps and activities to follow to be successful in the production of#Blue agave,  A technological package recommends doses and dates of preventive fertilizer and phytosanitary applications to achieve the greatest growth of the crop, it will be your guide to obtain good harvests. whom#Campojal In 15 years of experience we elaborate your technological package for#Agave to suit you, contact us.

Asesoría en Agave Azul


He#Blue agave, NOBLE AND ADMIRABLE, it is a plant that resists better to drought, it is a perennial plant, it takes between 5 and 7 years to be harvested, for this reason the great demand that exists for raw material to elaborate#tequila, the variety of agave is #TequilanaWeber.

To be successful in the production of #agave in the field, it is necessary to give it adequate agronomic management in order to achieve good yields and quality in the pineapples when it is grown. Over the years it has been discovered that the agave responds very well to foliar fertilization and biostimulation (through its leaves), it also likes to be in well-prepared land that is free of weeds, in addition to a very important factor that is a good selection of suckers of good genetics, so the better cared for the crop, the better harvests you will have. The idea is that in these times when there is a demand for agave, you harvest it in a minimum of 5 years with high yields, hence the idea that you take good care of it.Here in#Campojal We advise you throughout the cycle, harvest after harvest.

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