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Our Portfolio


We add value to the #tequila and #AgaveAzul industry by offering solutions to field problems such as poor planning, poor selection of shoots, poor #agave maintenance management, and high production costs.

Our products


Soil and stalk analysis

We take field samples of land and #agave stalks to analyze and take corrective actions that help improve the development of the crop.


agave course

We have agave courses made according to your requirements with which we train field staff or sales of supplies for the #agave.


Technology package design

We designed a program of applications and activities in the #agave, this design is made with products, doses and approximate application times.


Evaluation of agave plantations

We visit your agave to monitor its development, see if there are symptoms of diseases to apply some urgent control and resume success in the development of the #agave.


ARA Compatibility Report

Before planting you need to know if it is allowed on that land in question, to register your agave you need the report to be free of conflict, we will issue this report that you need before the CRT #agave regulatory council


land evaluation

We visit new land where you want to plant #agave to see if it is suitable and responds to a good harvest yield as well as to evaluate planting density and waterlogging.

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